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Athletic Director

Leah Rusk

"Working with LCBI Athletics, I firmly believe in fostering an inclusive and supportive environment that encourages athletes to thrive both on and off the field. We prioritize the holistic development of student-athletes, emphasizing the importance of academic success, personal growth, and overall well-being. I am passionate about creating a positive culture within the athletic program, one that promotes sportsmanship, respect, and teamwork, and allows athletes to reach their full potential."


Athletic Development Coordinator

Samantha Ridgewell

"It is an incredible experience getting to work with so many student athletes everyday. Whether that is coaching them on the court, guiding them through their workout programs, or simply never seeing an empty gym. Being a Bison athlete is something that never leaves you. The life lessons that I learned from my LCBI coaches and time away playing collegiate and professional hockey is something I look forward to passing on to the younger generation of athletes."


Post Secondary & Professional Athletes

Brian Guebert, 1999 - Football

Andrew Sarauer, 2002 - Ice Hockey

Jenna Akre, 2003 - Basketball

Sherri Bourgon, 2005 - Track & Field

Christie Anne McCullough, 2005 - Basketball

Rebekah Hove, 2006 - Basketball, Team Canada Football

Amber Larson, 2007 - Basketball

Joelle Johnson, 2007 - Volleyball

Nicole Akre, 2008 - Basketball

Lane Bannerman, 2009 - Football

Leah Rusk, 2009 - Basketball

Kim Njaa, 2009 - Basketball

Kayden Johnson, 2014 - Football, Track & Field, Team Canada Bobsled

Samantha Ridgewell, 2014 - Ice Hockey

Taylor Annala, 2014 - Volleyball

Matthew Edwards, 2014 - Basketball

Damon Berggren, 2014 - Basketball

Kal Berggren, 2019 - Basketball

Alexa Ridgewell, 2019 - Softball

Cassie Prentice, 2020 - Team Canada Racquetball

Keely Anderson, 2020 - Volleyball 

Dylan Annala, 2021 - Volleyball

Rileigh Reynoldson, 2021 - Volleyball

Rayanne Hoeflicher, 2021 - Cross Country / Track & Field

Holly Nelson, 2023 - Rugby 

Georgia Johnson, 2023 - Volleyball

Are you, or someone you know missing from this list? Contact to have your name and sport added!

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